Mini-Z Crawler 3-Channel Programmable LED Lighting System  [AD-RCMiniZ]

Mini-Z Crawler 3-Channel Programmable LED Lighting System
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alt="Mini-Z Crawler 3-Channel Programmable LED Lighting System" title="Mini-Z Crawler 3-Channel Programmable LED Lighting System"


  • Suitable for Mini-Z Jimny, Rubicon and Hilux 
  • Program all the features via one CH4 knob 
  • Support High-Brake lightFade in & out brightness 
  • Reverse sound and lights effects are included 
  • Simulation of real vehicle headlight, braking, hazard & indicators effects 
  • Built-in light bar driver 
  • 8 LED types 
  • CH4 knob to turn On/Off various LED functions


  • Headlight - 2 levels brightness and flashing
  • Fade in & out brightness - LEDs can be turned on and off with fading function
  • Brake (2-level brightness) - Normal : Fully turn on whenever throttle goes from forward to backward
  • Indicators - Auto : Left / right indicators follow turning sensors to turn on /off
  • Backward - Sound and light effect is supported
  • CH4 knob operation mode - Individual RC switch for Head+Bumper, Hazard, Light bar and Headlight half brightness
  • User define "ON" mode - All the user selected LEDs will be turned on after power up automatically (Default : All off)
  • Light bar (not included, built-in driver only) - Remote control the 5V light bar in half or full brightness and flashing
  • High-brake light - Support the high-brake light.
  • Setup mode

Packing List

  • Main unit x 1
  • LED cable x 16
  • LED 3mm x 12
  • LED SMD x 3
  • Magnet set x 1
  • On/off switch x 1
  • User manual x 1